The body of sea turtles is born to move easily through the water. They are calm, graceful and kind. They subtly caress the seabed- and they wander among coral reefs in an elegant and mysterious way. Sadly, they are in danger of extinction. Hence, it is our obligation and moral duty to give protection of their natural habitat.
Garnacha Tinta
13% Alc. Vol.


When the Garnacha grape reaches the ideal ripeness, we harvest it by hand and into small capacity boxes to preserve the quality obtained during the cultivation in the vineyard. Our rosé is obtained by the Saignée Method: Adequate maceration time to achieve the desired colour. Grape skins are removed from the tank. The fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks at a controlled temperature only for our Garnacha Rosé.

Tasting notes

Look: Bright medium-pink colour, elegant and vibrant.

Nose: Great aromatic intensity. With typical aromas found in Garnacha: wild berries, redcurrant, raspberry, and blackberries.

Taste: Elegant and smooth taste with an interesting acidity that refreshes and rejuvenates the wine. Long finish with a nice delicacy.

Food pairing

Ideal for all kinds of snacks, cheeses, sausages. It can be paired with fish, seafood, and soft meat too.


Irene Gómez Aroca